Cascade Education Foundation

Our Mission

  • We are a private, non-profit volunteer organization.
  • Our purpose is to support Cascade students and teachers through fundraising in Leavenworth and the Upper Valley.
  • Donations, grants, fundraising and volunteer support in community projects, allow us to fund teacher developed classroom enrichments.
  • Since 1997 Cascade student experiences have been enhanced thru the generosity of YOU, our supportive community.

Our History

Many of Leavenworth’s residents can remember the 1997 failure of the Cascade School District’s double levy. We knew something had to be done, and this ‘something’ turned out to be a group of citizens coming together and forming Cascade Education Foundation.

CEF was spearheaded by visionaries like Craig Carson, Ken Marson, Greg Clevenger, and Ron Carpenter, who realized that the school district needed an alternative source of funding for a wide range of needs.

Our success is their success

A few things we’ve achieved:

Provided camera equipment and a color printer for a photo class. Any student who wanted to participate could regardless of their financial situation. Two of the kids ended up pursuing a photography career!

Provided funds for swim lessons. Every student should have the opportunity to learn a life saving skill. Being close to lakes and rivers, it’s important to be prepared and confident of your skills.

Provided funds for technology programs. Technology is an area that students need to be current on and the typical basic budget does not cover extra class options.

Enabled money to be used to provide awards and recognition to students and staff. The foundation provided the school district financial support to honor people that were doing a good job that couldn’t be done through the basic budget for the school district.

Another great CEF grant in action! The Discovery School was awarded a grant to purchase a 3-D printer. Here are some of the students displaying their products.