For the 2024-25 school year, the Cascade Education Foundation will continue our annual grant cycle.


Monday, October 21, 2024

For questions or other information, please contact CEF at

Grant Cycle Details

Grant request applications will be due Monday, October 21, 2024 at the District Office or mailed directly to CEF.

  • Grant applications will be accepted for the 2024-2025 school year.
  • The grant application will be reviewed by the grant committee and voted on at a special October board meeting.
  • Checks will be issued in November 2024.
  • Grant application form found here in August 2024.
No ask is too small or too large.

Mailing Address
Cascade Education Foundation
P.O. BOX 683, Leavenworth, WA 98826

Drop off location
Cascade School District Office
330 Evans Street, Leavenworth, WA 98826


Cascade Education Foundation has awarded:



in the year

These projects and more have been made possible by CEF Grants awarded to teachers to enhance their classrooms and learning opportunities for our students:

Fall cycle 2020

ALPS Paula West Ski Poles $ 4,000.00 

PD Paula West Cross Country Skis $ 4,000.00 

PD Karen Haase Hula Hoops $ 745.00 

Discovery Travis Blue Pulse Oximeters $ 455.49 

CHS Alexandra Rosenfield Graphic Novels $ 650.00 

Home Link Shanda Holm Painting Class Supplies $ 1,161.00 

IRMS Kristen Ward DinoFire Wireless Clickers $ 831.29 

ALPS Madeline Praye Sensory Path Materials $ 800.00 

ALPS Catherine Merrill Musical Recorders for 5th Grade $ 500.00 

Fall cycle 2019

Kodiak Cubs Pre-School

Eighth Grade University Visits

Sixth Grade Team Video Equipment

Seventh Grade Team Space Project

Breakout EDU Kits for Library’s

Science Field Trips

World’s End Supplemental Novels

Attendance Incentive Program

AVID Program Support

Drama Department Set Equipment

Special Ed Life Skills Equipment

ELL Program Field Trips

Science Meters

Spring cycle 2020

District Wide School Nurses Vision Screening Equipment $ 8,908.00 

PD Elementary Brooke MacPhee / Kindergarten Dramatic Play Equipment $ 1,339.92 

IRMS Jodie Tremberth – 8th Grade 8th Grade College Visistation $ 800.00 

IRMS Jodie Tremberth Recycle Start Up $ 1,160.00 

IRMS Sherri Littrell Classroom Library & Outdoor Pillows $ 807.00 

IRMS Kim Gilreath – 7th Grade 7th Grade Integrated Science Project $ 4,590.36 

IRMS Rebecca Fritz Student Adaptive Equipment $ 650.00 

IRMS Aaron Hanson 3D Printer $ 5,000.00 

IRMS Aaron Hanson Robotics Equipment $ 5,100.00 

CHS Malia Renner Singer & Andrea Brixey AVID $ 4,251.00 

CHS Andrea Brixey Seattle Field Trip $ 750.00 

CHS Omar Stubblefield Science Field Trips $ 3,205.00 

CHS Theater & Performing Arts Wireless Microphone System $ 6,000.00 

Spring cycle 2019

CHS Molly Ravits Climbing Club Equipment $ 3,039.41 

IRMS Lindsay Camp Kodiak Cubs Pre-School $ 2,000.00 

IRMS Jodie Tremberth Eighth Grade University Visits $ 800.00 

IRMS Mandi Muscutt Sixth Grade Team Video Equipment $ 9,754.00 

IRMS Sloane Schubert Etal Seventh Grade Team Space Project $ 4,835.00 

IRMS, ALP & BV Amy Massey Breakout EDU Kits for Library’s $ 800.00 

CHS Omar Stubblefield Science Field Trips $ 3,205.00 

CHS Roselyn Robison World’s End supplemental novels $ 570.20 

CHS Rudy Joya Attendance Incentive Program $ 600.00 

CHS Malia Renner-Singer AVID Program Support $ 6,177.00 

CHS Mandi Wickline Drama Department Set Equipment $ 550.00 

CHS Malia Renner-Singer Cornerstone History & Library Materials$ 2,028.77 

IRMS Rebecca Fritz Special Ed Life Skills Equipment $ 800.00 

CHS Carolina Morrow ELL Program Field Trips $ 1,017.00 

CHS Dayle Massey Science Meters $ 550.00

IRMS, AVID Training Program – Awarded $960 | Spring 2016

All 8th-grade teachers will be trained in AVID strategies & will be able to use these strategies in content area classes.  AVID is a nationally recognized program to help close the achievement gap for students.  All 8th-grade teachers will be trained in AVID strategies & will be able to use these strategies in content area classes.

Osborn, Field Days at Wenatchee River Institute – Awarded $4000 | Spring 2016

During their visits, students enjoy direct, hands-on learning experiences outdoors in the natural environment of Barn Beach Reserve a 9-acre nature preserve that features a rich diversity of plant and animal species.  Students also utilize WRI’s state-of-the-art green classroom which is equipped with microscopes, snowshoes, kick nets, live animals, and much more!

IRMS, 8th graders prepare for college! Transportation fees to CWU – Awarded $610 | Spring 2016

“By continuing to visit a university campus during their 8th-grade year, we hope to inspire and encourage our students to begin making plans for post-secondary education.”

-Jodie Tremberth, IRMS

Beaver Valley, Theater Supplies – Awarded $470 | Spring 2016

“Research reveals the positive impact of drama on a student’s physical, emotional, social and cognitive development.”

~Kim Miller, School Secretary

Lifetime Sports: Replacing equipment like snowshoes & Nordic ski boots; purchasing scooters for teaching safety on wheels. | Spring 2016

  • Snowshoe Replacement, Osborn Elementary – Awarded $1,000
  • Nordic Ski Boot Replacement, Peshastin Dryden – Awarded $5,000
  • Razor Scooter, Peshastin Dryden, and Osborn Elementary – Awarded $3,500

Icicle River Middle, WOW dream – Awarded $25,000 | Fall 2016

Kinesthetic Learning Environment in all classrooms. Stand up desks, exercise balls, stability-t stools, peddlers and more because:  “Movement stimulates the brain”.

Osborn, Remote Response Technology – Awarded $1985 | Fall 2015

Quizdom Clickers are designed to inspire, empower and motivate all learners through real-time presentations, feedback and games to engage all students.

Cascade Highschool, AVID Training Program – Awarded $13,313 | Fall 2015

“This project impacts the entire student body of CHS. The use of AVID teaching strategies schoolwide supports a shift in expectations for all students. AVID sets a high bar for what all students are expected to accomplish and provides the necessary support for both students and teachers.”

~Malia Renner-Singer, Social Studies Teacher

Kodiak Cubs Preschool WOW! – Awarded $2,000 | Fall 2015

Did you know our Kodiak Cubs Preschool didn’t  have a library? There are currently 50+ kids that attend the preschool that loves to check out books—building a lifelong connection to literacy & a love for books.

Fall 2015 – Small grants can make a big difference

  • Lego Robotics Team T-shirts for Beaver Valley, Peshastin Dryden & Osborn Elementary – $500
  • IRMS, Bike Racks – $1500
  • Peshastin Dryden, Buddy Bench – $900
  • Osborn, bike rack –  $1500

Osborn and Peshastin Dryden, STEM Learning | Spring 2015

STEM learning provides educational gear like snap circuit sets, Lego robotics kits, iPads & more to enrich maker spaces & group learning in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.

  • Osborn Elementary received Snap Circuit & iPad Minis. Awarded $1,052
  • Peshatin Dryden received Lego Education Kits.  Awarded $1,910

Peshastin-Dryden Elementary 

Listening Center, Clay Duck Programs, Mobi Clickers, Books for “Ready for Kindergarten” program, Pulldown maps, Kindergarten hands-on math manipulatives, Brain Pop, New headphones for the computer lab, Kindergarten writing

Osborn Elementary

Brain Pop (multiple years), Elementary Art Appreciation Program (K-5), Hand/Eye Coordination Equipment (K-5), Wild Horse wind solar energy field-trip, Learning puzzles and sound system for PE, After school program, Barn Beach program, Swim program

Beaver Valley Elementary – Winton workshop

Icicle River Middle School

Drill Team uniforms, Trip to the trades rodeo (multiple years), Afterschool ski program, Field trip to Central Washington University (multiple years), Reader Board, Anti-Bullying programs

Cascade High School

Dance Team, Air Compressors for shop classes, After school guitar program, International Night, Select Choir, Grinders and parts for the vocational shop, Student Magnetic Cards, Scholarships for graduating seniors

Discovery School – Chess club

District Wide – Library Funding, Drama Microphones, Video Recorder

Students preparing for Swim Lessons- Partially funded by CEF

Life Guard providing swim lessons to an Osborn Student.

Learning to identify local vegetation- Barn Beach Reserve.